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Ver.13.0 Release (25 Feb. 2021)

Share and organize your schedule with the fast and responsive Calendar Plus Plug-in for Kintone

Calendar Plus is a Plug-in for the Kintone platform which adds a fast and responsive, elegant and advanced calendar to your Kintone installation.  Schedule management is simple and intuitive, and the layout can be easily changed to display schedules by calendar month, week, day, or even by assigned color. In addition to the Basic version which provides general calendar functionality, the Pro version has added support for managing and scheduling resources such as person in charge, conference/meeting rooms, vehicles, or any other custom resource. Calendar Plus also supports linking with Kintone's Departments & Users (in Users & System Administration) to provide a complete schedule overview for the entire organization.


  • Stress free!  Navigation within Calendar Plus is both fast and responsive!
  • Share events and meetings with others!
  • Register your own private events!
  • Easily assign colors to categorize events!
  • Full support for multiple timezones!
  • Multiple language support!  (English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese)
  • Supports installation within a Guest Space!
  • Use custom resources to clarify person in charge, conference/meetings rooms, vehicles, etc. * Pro Version

You can check and register your schedule right away.

You can supplement the standard behavior of Calendar Plus with your own JavaScript. For example, you can rewrite the value of a field at the time of schedule registration, or register a newly set field information.


  •    Calendar Plus Basic  $50/subdomain/mo. (annual contract)
  •    Calendar Plus Pro    $120/subdomain/mo. (annual contract)

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