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For Word/Excel/PowerPoint output from kintone

docutone is a form output app dedicated to kintone that generates Word/Excel files from data in kintone.

Take some Word/Excel/PowerPoint forms you use in your work and make them form templates with easy settings, and you can output forms from any kintone apps.



  • Word / Excel / PowerPoint output is supported
    • docutone enables you to output form files in Word/Excel/PowerPoint format from any kintone apps you like.
  • Unlimited file output
    • There is no limit for form output count. You are not charged for output count.
  • Affordable price
    • 18 USD/month for Each User. Initial cost 0 USD.


  • Image Output
    • You can display on forms image files saved as attachments.
  • Rich Editor Supported
    • You can display rich editor’s beautiful formats on forms
  • Dynamic Detail Rows
    • You can display detail rows on forms dynamically according to the number of table rows.
    • Over_owed rows are displayed in the next page.
  • Get related record data
    • You can retrieve and display data from other apps than the app from which you output forms.
  • Save Output File to kinonte
    • Generated Word/Excel files can be attached to records. Past attached files are not overwritten, so they remain intact as historical data.
  • Send Attachment Email
    • Email with output forms attached can be sent to email addresses registered in kintone.
    • Email body can include information such as an account name.
  • Multi Multiple Layout Layout Output
    • You can output forms that have different layouts for each page. docutone supports multiple sheets in Excel.


  •    Docutone $18/ID/mo. (annual contract, minimum 5 IDs)

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