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Chobiit for kintone

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Integration / Collaboration

Version 1

Chobiit is a kintone data external sharing service that allows you to view, register, edit, and delete kintone information from outside kintone.
Just install Chobiit on your Kintone and set up the apps you want to share.

There are two types of sharing methods; Login authentication and General public.

        Login Authentiation
    • Only for specific users logged in to Chobiit
    • This is a sharing method.
    • You can create up to 100 Chobiit accounts for each kintone license.
    • You can use Chobiit to manage your staff's time and attendance, or to exchange orders with your affiliates.
        External Publication
    • This is a way to make the URL visible to anyone who knows it.
    • For example, you can use it as a simple web form linked to kintone.

    Detailed function :


    • Light Plan - 5,000 avail. requests/mo.    $75/subdomain/mo. (annual contract)
    • Standard Plan - 10,000 avail. requests/mo.    $125/subdomain/mo. (annual contract)
    • Pro Plan - 50,000 avail. requests/mo.    $460/subdomain/mo. (annual contract)
    • Premium Plan - 100,000 avail. requests/mo.    $920/subdomain/mo. (annual contract)
    "request" is an operation performed on Chobiit. 
    One request is counted for each event that occurs when you perform an operation on kintone, such as opening a list screen, displaying a record detail screen, or registering information.

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